Building update

Returning families will notice a number of changes to Stuartholme in 2017 and the list is quite extensive!

Around the school, you will notice a new rose/gardenia garden near the boarding stairs, refurbished Café lawn and new artificial grass installed to soften areas in the Year 7 lunch area. We would like to thank the Stuartholme P&F for funding the shade sails at the drop off/pick up locations at the back of the oval and behind Joigny.

The Boarding House Nest has also been refurbished with new lighting and carpet/vinyl. In the buildings, two more classrooms have been refurbished, the library foyer carpet has been replaced with vinyl, the Student Wellbeing office has been moved closer to Boarding Reception and the Boarding office has been split to include an office for Sarah Daff, Director of Mission.

The most noticeable difference as you drive up the main driveway, is that the tunnel under the Chapel has been built in. This is where you will now find Student Services and the Curriculum office. This work has given us the opportunity to construct a feature wall with our name and the School crest, which we hope will be welcoming to parents and visitors.


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