An Epic Program

As Sacred Heart Educators we are called to educate students to “a social awareness that impels to action.” To do this, we need to develop our student’s curiosity about the world around them and help them develop the skills and attitudes to engage creatively in taking actions that make the world a better place.

One way we’re doing this at Stuartholme is through a new program called EPiCS (Exciting Projects for Intellectually Curious Students). This program is conducted over 9 days – three days at the end of each of Terms 1, 2 and 3 in Years 7, 8 and 9 (although in this, our inaugural year, we’ve only involved Year 7 and 8 students).

Through a carefully planned three-year program we’ll encourage the girls to:

  • be innovative risk-takers able to iterate from ‘failures’ to achieve success,
  • identify challenges and solve problems creatively,
  • be open to new ideas and able build off the ideas of others,
  • be resourceful and able to choose the best tools for a job.

In Year 7 the emphasis is ‘Hands On’; we’ve focussed on EPiCS where girls use their hands to make things – scarves from old T-shirts, wood sandwiches using a range of electric and hand woodworking tools, hand powered automata, planters from old soft drink bottles, wonderful cardboard masks and small items using coin batteries and LEDs and simple electrical circuits. We’re hoping to expose the girls to new experiences and develop skills that they can utilise in future EPiCS.

In Year 8 we developed the girls’ media skills under the banner ‘Shout Out’. The girls picked up skills in using a range of digital media, made short promotional films, built simple WordPress based web sites, picked up new skills in Photoshop and learned about writing press releases and how to shape their writing for print and digital publications.

Next year we will include Year 9 in the EPiCS program and girls will work over the nine days to develop and pitch an idea for a ‘social good’ project drawing on the skills developed in earlier EPiCS.

Hopefully the next Orange Sky Laundry will be incubated at Stuartholme.

Michael Elliott
Leader of Learning – Innovation

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