Advice from Qld Police to anyone visiting North Stradbroke Island

The Queensland Police Service and North Stradbroke Island Police would like to wish all students, parents and their families an enjoyable and safe September School Holidays this year and respectfully request that be mindful of the following advice and information with regards to those attending North Stradbroke Island this year.

In previous years, North Stradbroke Island has been subject to a large influx youths which in combination with alcohol and illegal drugs has resulted in anti-social youth related activity. This year, as in previous years, the Queensland Police Service will be heavily enforcing any behaviour deemed to be anti-social, disorderly, violent, or infringing the laws legislated to protect Queenslanders. Laws to limit this behaviour include and are not limited to, noise complaints from private premises and public places, out of control events in private premises, public violence and/or intoxication, drink/drug driving, possession of illegal drugs.

Youths caught committing these offences in public places or private residences could be subject to the following consequences and may be charged and summonsed to appear before a magistrates Court:
– Parties in private premises where more than 12 people are gathered and any combination of three offences are occurring or likely to occur, the ‘Responsible Guardian/Organiser’ of the party may receive up to three years imprisonment and up to $18,000.00 in fines plus be required to pay all costs incurred in respect to Police attendance and resources utilised that is now inclusive of the Police Helicopter.
– Noise complaint attendance by Police at private premises can incur a 96 hour ‘Noise Abatement Direction’ to the primary occupier. Contravention of this direction may result in up to $4400.00 in fines.
– Any disorderly, violent behaviour will result in on the spot fines of $378.00 and/or a summons to appear before the Magistrates Court.
– More serious offences such as assaults and drug related matters could result in incarceration in a watchhouse, earliest appearance before the Magistrates Court and being placed on Bail Reporting conditions.
The further ongoing consequences of having convictions of these offences on a person’s criminal history can detrimentally affect a person’s future job and travel prospects. In previous years Police are aware of medical implications from unsupervised parental attendance that has resulted in youth pregnancy, transmission of STD’s and injuries sustained from incidents/accidents related to intoxication and/or violence.
Police advise that parents attend North Stradbroke Island with their children and reside at the same accommodation in order to properly supervise being mindful of Liquor Act Legislation relating to minors on premises consuming alcohol whereas the ‘Responsible Guardian’ they can appropriately supervise any gathering. Infractions of these laws could result in fines to the Responsible Guardian.
In years past, Parents have booked accommodation for their children and either not attended the North Stradbroke Island or resided at a different address. Real Estates and Resorts have policies in place forbidding this. Consequences will lead to immediate eviction and/or loss of any bond paid.
The North Stradbroke Island community and Police welcome all tourists to the island and ask that they respect the laws and the environment. We further would like to extend our best wishes for a safe, exciting and happy holiday for all.