Absences and early departures

As you are aware, Stuartholme has a duty of care for your daughter. The School has set up procedures for our students regarding their attendance at school. Any student who is absent from school must have a parent call the absentee line on 3510 6488 before 8.30am to record this absence. If the absence is for more than one day, we require a phone call each morning.

As a school, we realise it is sometimes impossible to make appointments outside of school hours however in the latter part of Term 2 there were an increasing number of girls with early departures not following the correct protocols.

Should your daughter need to leave school for an appointment the procedure is as follows:

  • bring a note from a parent on the day of the appointment to my office BEFORE school to have it signed and recorded.
  • show the signed note to her teacher at the designated time to depart class. If this procedure is followed, your daughter should be able to exit class without delay.
  • Proceed to Student Reception where the student can sign out.

If your daughter becomes ill during the day, she should not be ringing you directly to collect her. She can ask to visit the Health Centre where qualified nurses will contact you if she is too unwell to return to class.

I thank you in anticipation for your support in this area of the school. The safety and care of your daughters is a priority for us. I hope you enjoy a wonderful mid-year break with your girls.

Andrea Reddan
Deputy Principal – Student Wellbeing