7 Maths visits Silverado Middle School in San Francisco

Thanks to the internet, our global village is getting smaller!

This week a Year 7 maths class connected to the other side of the world and interacted with students of Silverado Middle School in San Francisco via Skype!

We kept the location a secret, so the first task for the students was to figure out which city the students were from. They did this by asking a series of yes/no questions. These included: Are you north of the Equator? Are you on the east side of the United States?

Stuartholme girls guessed first! After the Silverado Middle School students guessed where we were from, they were able to ask each other more questions.

Students were also asked to share what they were learning in maths. Stuartholme girls went through fractions and Silverado Middle School talked to us about Algebra. The students were also interested in talking about time zones; we skyped on a Thursday morning when it was actually Wednesday in San Francisco!

This was a wonderful opportunity for students at both schools to make global connections and also help improve their communication and collaboration skills.

Andrew Webster

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