2016 Australian Geography Competition winners

The study of Geography provides students with unique and valuable skills and knowledge for life, to be able to understand the real world around us – just look at the news today: the tsunami warning for New Zealand has just been cancelled, there is political discussion on migration- at home and abroad, Hurricane Hermine is expected to make landfall in Florida tonight, and closer to home, the Birdsville Races have been postponed due to flooding.  The Australian Geography Competition challenges Australian secondary Geography students to demonstrate their skills in interpreting and analysing geographical information but also rewards student excellence.

Our Year 10 and 11 Geography students took part in the Competition, along with approximately 65 000 other students from 670 schools.

Students answered questions responding to data represented in thematic and topographic maps, photographs, tables, text, satellite images, and a variety of graphs. We have just received the results and we are very pleased with how our students performed. A number of our girls gained impressive results, considering we are competing with students who have studied geography for a longer period of time. A High Distinction was achieved by Year 10 students Emily Ballard, Lauren Gunther, Grace Kelly, Georgia Perissinotto, Ineka Tabrett, Isabelle Townsend, and from Year 11, Sarah Long.    

We would like to congratulate Olivia Andrew, Caitlin Betts, Lily Chapman, Charlotte Connelly, Ella Donaldson, Grace Gaston, Sarah Macfarlane, Phoebe Menzies, Bridie Nebe, Charlotte Pepper, Rachel Tabrett, Lexie O’Connor, Jasmine Robertson and Jessica Schwartz for gaining a Distinction in the competition.

Special mention should also be made of an additional 21 students who gained credits.

The competition is a joint initiative of the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association and the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland and has been sponsored by the University of Queensland and Macquarie University.

This skills test recognises that geographers have many skills. Geographers have many skills because they are really good at getting information from maps, aerial photos, satellite images, Global Positioning System (GPS) and computerised Geographic Information Systems (GIS); presenting information in really interesting ways; being creative and solving problems.

Many aspects of Geography, particularly the use of spatial technologies, are recognised as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). We are currently developing skills in GIS in the Year 10 to 12 Geography classes.

There are lots of jobs that geographers work in,  that do not state ‘geography’ in their title, for example, landscape architect, retail demographer, meteorologist, planning, environmental managers, working in the logistics of emergency aid, food ethics, etc ,

Geography is learning by doing . . . it is hands on:

collecting data in the field (fieldwork); using computers, digital maps and GIS to look at patterns; presenting information in interesting ways – maps, graphs, photographs and diagrams; working in teams.

Geography is the daily news that determines our future.

For further information on Geography careers, go to: http://www.geocareers.net.au/

Mrs Wendy Bolton – Leader of Learning, Humanities and Social Science